Jamie M. Joseph, Ph.D.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Evaluation

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Infertility / Reproductive Health / Family Building / Third-party created families / Adoption

Dr. Joseph is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and abides by their guidelines and recommendations regarding evaluations for those choosing to build their families through assisted reproductive techniques.

Dr. Joseph has extensive advanced training in conducting Psychological Assessments (Mental Health Evaluations) and consultations of individuals involved in third party reproduction, including those for:

Women intending to become
1. Egg donors
2. Gestational carriers
3. A giver of gift of adoption to another person or couple
4. Recipients – Couples, singles, or same-sex couples

Intended Parent(s)
1. Using donor sperm
2. Using donor eggs
3. Using a gestational carrier
4. Using donated embryos

Services are Provided to:
1. Intended Parent(s)
2. Prospective egg & sperm donors
3. Prospective Gestational Carriers
4. Reproductive Endocrinologists / OB GYN’s and patients
5. Fertility Practice and Patients
6. Attorneys specializing in third party reproduction, adoption and family building related issues
7. Egg donor or surrogacy agencies and clients
8. Adoption agencies and clients


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Let’s Connect

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