Jamie M. Joseph, Ph.D.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Evaluation

Helping you navigate the path of your life…

Testing & Evaluation Specialties

1. Psychological Evaluations and Psychoeducational Consultations of involved parties in third party created families including:
a. Assessment and Psychoeducation of egg donors and gestational carriers
b. Consultation and Psychoeducation for intended parents in egg / sperm donation; embryo donation; adoption.
2. Gender / Transgender Affirming and Gender Informed Assessment & Recommendations for children / adolescents & youth / adults interested in pursuing / accessing either puberty blockers / hormone therapy / surgery
3. Gender Affirmation Documentation for:
a. Legal Name / Gender Marker Changes
b. Transition in school / work settings
c. Safe passage / travel
4. Gifted Testing
5. Personality, social and emotional assessment

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Let’s Connect

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