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Gender Expansiveness / Transgender for children, youth and adults including their families – affirmative cognitive behavioral support

Dr. Joseph specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults dealing with transgender concerns and working in the psychological aspects of third-party reproduction.  She is a member of the World Professional Organization of Transgender Professionals (WPATH) and is in the process completing the WPATH Global Education Initiative Certification Program.  She is a Certified Gender Therapist by the International Transgender Certification Program. In addition to providing counseling to the LGBTI community in her office, she is a volunteer Clinical Speaker for the YES Institute, a non-profit organization in Miami Florida whose goal is to provide community education on gender and orientation in attempt to decrease the suicide rate in youth.

Services Provided for Gender Expansive Clients and Their Families / Allies are:

1. Affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address situations, issues or concerns related to gender development, gender identity and potential conflicts or difficulties in this area.

2. Gender / Transgender Affirming and Gender Informed Assessment & Recommendations for children / adolescents & youth / adults interested in pursuing / accessing either puberty blockers / hormone therapy / surgery

Gender Affirmation Documentation for:

  1. Legal Name / Gender Marker Changes
  2. Transition in school / work settings
  3. Safe passage / travel

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