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Why Choose Private ‘Gifted Testing’ with Dr. Jamie M. Joseph?

Dr. Jamie Joseph is experienced and highly qualified to accurately assess those students at the upper extremes of the intelligence range who may be considered classified as ‘gifted’. Dr. Joseph is a Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist in both Florida and New York and she has administered hundreds of individual IQ tests to children of all ability levels and ages to help families and school boards find the right educational programs for children and adolescents. She offers expert assessment feedback regarding educational recommendations using the most recent and widely recognized standardized intelligence tests available.

Gifted testing with Dr. Joseph consists of an approximately two-hour individualized in person assessment session. Next, a follow up professional feedback session is scheduled for a separate appointment with the parents or guardian to review the results, scoring and interpretation of the student’s performance on the individualized intelligence test, and that is done often via video session or phone. In that session, a customized, confidential written report will be provided containing specific recommendations regarding the individual’s performance.  In addition, recommendations are also provided (and included in the written report) to the parents or guardian and all results are explained and suggestions for next steps are reviewed.

Dr. Joseph has worked in schools at the pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, and college levels with regard to individualized assessment and placement planning. Additionally, Dr. Joseph worked as a Supervising Psychologist at the Psychological Evaluation and Research Center (PERC) at Hofstra University (New York) overseeing Doctoral level graduate students conducting psychoeducational and psychological evaluations of children, adolescents and adults. She also served as an Affiliate Clinical Professor of Psychology for St. John’s University (New York) as an onsite supervisor (at Whitestone School for Child Development) overseeing candidates in their Master’s School Psychology Graduate Program. Dr. Joseph has extensive experience as a School and Educational Psychologist and was tenured at the Huntington Union Free School District in New York State.

Definition of Gifted Students:

The State of Florida defines a gifted student as “one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.” (Rule 6A-6.03019 of the Florida Administration Code).

Eligibility Criteria of Students for a Gifted Program in Florida:

The eligibility criterion for a student to receive gifted programming in Florida is determined by the State. According to Florida Administrative Code (Rule 6A-6.03019(2)) A, a student is eligible for the gifted program if the student demonstrates:

  1.  Need for a special program.
  2.  A majority of the characteristics of gifted students according to a standard scale checklist.
  3.  Superior intellectual development measured by an intelligence quotient of 2 standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence.
What is ‘Gifted Testing?’

When parents seek ‘gifted testing’ from a psychologist, they are referring to the “individually administered standardized test of intelligence.” These tests can only be given in a private setting by professionals licensed as either psychologists or school psychologists to be eligible for school district use. Private testing is commissioned by the parent or guardian at their own expense.

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